Where did your sweet child go?

* You ask an innocent question and get attitude.
* He’s slacking off and you’re scared he’ll fail.
* She used to tell you everything.  Now you’re the enemy.
* You’re doing too much for your kids and feeling resentful.
* You’re worried that he’ll turn to drugs when the stress is too much.
* Everything feels like a power struggle!

What you do or don’t do NOW matters. With the right approach you can have a loving relationship and help them become the independent, caring and capable young adults you know they can be.

Imagine yourself:

  • being more confident in decision-making and consistently enforcing those decisions
  • setting healthy boundaries while giving your kids more personal responsibility
  • learning to communicate in a way that both you and your child can hear and be heard

Imagine your children:

  • developing healthy self-esteem and strength of character
  • becoming successful problem-solvers
  • learning to confidently resist peer pressure
  • committing to achievement and their education
  • becoming truly capable and prepared to be on their own

Whether it’s the normal teenage nonsense, or you feel your family is headed toward a cliff, your kids are too important for you to just wing it. Let me help you find solutions that work! Enter your name and email in the box to take the ‘Ten Mistakes Quiz’ to see which concerns need the most attention.

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Parenting Older Teens

“Thank you for helping me and my new husband to better co-parent my 19- and 20-year old daughters when they are home on breaks. We have a plan and great strategies. Everyone knows what’s expected of them, and family time is truly enjoyable.”
Nancy Candea, Dir, Yoga Impact, NJ

Parenting Through Divorce

“After long years of divorce struggles,  Fern helped me build a solid parenting foundation. High expectations, a productive attitude, integrity – these are the principles that guide us all as I watch my sons grow into fine young men.”
Barbara D, Denville, NJ