Acknowledge productive attitudes (whether teens win or lose).


We live in an ‘achievement’ world, so much so that we’ve lost sight of the productive attitudes it takes to get through the less than stellar moments. Praise is lavish for ‘a job well-done’.  What about  a best effort that doesn’t earn an ‘A’ or a trophy?

Not everyone is going to be a superstar.  Some kids work really hard to  earn the ‘C’.  Some will forever be out in right field (where the ball rarely goes).  And when they just keep plugging away anyway, they are building strong character, persistence and positive self-esteem.  Make sure to acknowledge this!  “That was a difficult project, but you stuck with it and gave it all you had.”  “I know volunteering in class is really hard for you, but you pushed yourself and spoke up. How does that feel?”

The feel-good praise of achievements comes and goes, but strong productive attitudes are theirs alone and can never be taken away. The next time your child flops or shines, show her that attitude counts.

Be well, be strong, be courageous parents!

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