Be teachable


You’ve heard me say it before:  your attitude affects just about everything.  And this applies to how receptive you are to learning, or to being taught.  Do you think you know it all?  And if you know you don’t know it all, are you willing to learn?  Your value, in all facets of life, is in your ability to learn, grow, change and adapt. This applies to business, school, family, parenting, promotions, you name it. 

I was listening to a teleclass one night, and was a bit impatient.  I’d already
had training on the topic, but called in anyway because I had heard great things about the presenter.  My ears picked up when she said, “Leave behind the notion that you already know everything I’m about to teach.” Yup. That was me.  And as soon as I opened my mind and changed my attitude, I saw how much I could still learn.
In my first year of teaching my mentor said, “Remember that you are a teacher AND a student.”  In other words, I had much to learn from my students and the process. Teachers are always learning. We are all lifelong students.  It isn’t just for the classroom.
Become teachable, always asking, “How can I learn more?”  Learn from books, mentors, professors, friends, colleagues and… your kids.  Like it or not, your kids will teach you some of the most important lessons of your life — through their words, actions, and attitudes.  Yes, attitudes again. You will see what you have imparted to them.  Some of it won’t be pleasant, and that is where you will see the personal work that needs to be done.
Did you get the message?  Good, you learned something new today.

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Help others become learners, too.  Help them take the next step to excellence in parenting and any other goal in life by sharing this post with them. Let me know what meaning this message has for you by leaving your comment below.  Be well, be strong, be courageous parents!

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