From Eye-Rolling to ‘I love you’ 
                       Transforming the Parent-Teen Relationship
                              Tuesday, April 30, 7:30pm Eastern 

What could be better than more moments when your child wants to be close enough for a hug and to sit and talk to you? 
You’ve been told to expect the eye-rolling and attitude and pulling away when they hit the teen years.  Yes, it’s normal for this to happen; however, it doesn’t mean it has to be this way for years, and that you have to suffer through it.  I suffered through it, longer than I needed to.  I was so busy thinking a dozen steps ahead in order to prevent a bigger problem, that I couldn’t hear what my child was trying to tell me.  And that’s when the problem got bigger.


At  From Eye-Rolling to ‘I love you’ you have the chance to transform your foundation – to a trusting, loving relationship with your teen.  All the rest will follow… and the eye-rolling will become something you’ll all end up laughing about!

  You’ll learn how to quiet the ‘fixer’ voice in your head when you’re talking to your teen (because when the ‘fixer’ in you gets going, your child runs in the other direction).

♥  Just listening, with a few carefully chosen responses, will keep them talking.  (You’ll get the exact wording that works.)

♥  You’re not going to be their best friend and experience everything with them.  What you do want is for them to trust you and confide in you when there’s something important to talk about.  You need to be the calm one who can help them sort through it.  We’ll figure out what triggers you, and quiet that voice, too, so you can be the calm guide in the midst of their confusion.

Don’t overthink it. Just do it. When you put into practice what you learn here, you’ll see and feel the change, and experience the joy and relief of your child turning to YOU.  

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Tuesday, April 30, 7:30pm Eastern





Knowing when and how to intervene (or not) in your child’s challenges


* Do you jump in at the first sign of difficulty to fix things for your kids?


* How can you be involved without doing it for them?


* How do you let go and trust they’ll be okay?


As a parent, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is back away and let my children cope with uncomfortable or difficult situations. I thought I had the answers that would help them avoid disappointment or pain.  And then there were times that I cared more about an outcome than they did.  Big mistakes, both of them.

My son once told me that when I jumped in to smooth the way for him, he heard “You‘re not capable of handling this yourself.”  My daughter also set me straight recently.  I’d reminded her several times to follow up on something because it was bothering ME.  She told me, “Mom, I was okay with this before.  Now I’m wondering if I should be worried about it.  You’re making me nervous.”    That helpless feeling is the worst, isn’t it?  Does it make you want to take control?  Do you find yourself micromanaging?   If so, you’ll want to attend “STEP IN OR STEP ASIDE – Knowing When and How to Intervene (or not) In Your Child’s Challenges”.  Of all my parent workshops, this is THE program that will help you get a handle on that urge to hover and be too involved. (Where do you think the expression ‘helicopter parent’ came from, anyway?)   Don’t stunt your child’s growth!  You CAN do this! 

At this FREE seminar for parents you will learn:


* a proven tool to determine when your intervention is appropriate.


* when to teach versus when to take action.


* the one thing you must do before giving your child feedback.


* how to recognize when your own buttons are being pushed.


* the mandatory shift parents must make in order to be heard.






Thursday, October 4 – 7:30pm


Public Library, 245 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ



        Fern Weis, Parent Coach, Educator  /  201-747-9642