4 – Session Program for Parents of Teens

(Beginning March 18, 2014)


 * Are you worried that your teen is burying her feelings?

*  Do you want to stop nagging?

*  And what’s with that attitude, anyway?


You’re frustrated and losing your cool. It’s normal for your kids to push the limits and try to break away when they hit adolescence, but it doesn’t mean you just sit back and live with it. Whether they admit it or not, they need you, and they need limits, too. (We all know what happens when there are no limits!)

And when you’re having a bad day, are overwhelmed or are just plain tired, your best intentions in dealing with your child just go right out the window. Does this sound familiar? You’ve been there, I’ve been there — the times when you don’t feel strong enough to stand your ground, stay calm, use what you know. You’re definitely not feeling the love! Could you use some help?

You don’t need to be in a crisis with your child to reap the benefits of TALK SO YOUR TEEN WILL LISTEN. The question is, why would you wait? Why would you wait until you have no choice? (Read the story of a mom who successfully used these skills to move her son beyond a messy situation he created.)

If you’re ready to increase cooperation and responsible behavior, to have teens who are confident and resilient, to set reasonable limits and enforce them without being angry first, and still have a close and loving relationship, TALK SO YOUR TEEN WILL LISTEN is for you!

This process works. I invite you to create a brighter future for you and your children.

This 4-session series is group coaching at its best, and the group is intentionally small. You see, I don’t do programs where I lecture to a large group for an hour and then give you a few minutes of Q & A at the end. You get personalized attention here.

This course is for you if you’re ready to dive in and participate, to learn, to practice, and to support each other. You must be ready to learn some new skills and use them! If this training is a good fit for you, you’re open to letting go of the old way of doing things, because it hasn’t been working well for you anyway. You’re ready for the challenge, and ready for change.


So what is this program all about?

Session #1 – Dealing with Feelings
Instead of dismissing or ignoring feelings, using logic and explanations, or going against your better judgment, you will learn skills and specific wording so that your child trusts you when there’s something important to talk about. We’ll cover the three levels of listening (and which level you should be at as often as possible), the language of emotions and do some role play to help this new language become second nature for you, there when you need it.

Session #2 – Getting Their Cooperation
Like most parents, you probably figured that when your kids reached adolescence, they would have learned all the lessons you’ve been drilling into them. But they still need reminders to do homework, eat right, shower once in a while, wake up on time, pick up their clothes, stop texting, and ‘do not use that tone of voice’.

And while you may want to dive right into the bigger, scarier issues, rest assured that it’s how you handle the everyday challenges that lays the groundwork for the bigger issues. So it’s important to have a firm, yet reasonable and loving bond. It’s this connection that will have them turning to you when they are confused, tempted or conflicted.

Session #2 gives you new skills to get their cooperation and be the trusted adult in their life. Remember that trust is also about your child knowing that you will be reasonable, calm and objective, instead of emotional and irrational and frustrated.

Session #3 – To Punish or not to Punish
Punishment is the most widely accepted method of discipline (even though it’s not the most effective). You’ll understand the difference between punishment and consequences, and why consequences work better.

It often feels easier to punish. Punishment may stop a behavior, and it may also stop children from self-correcting and learning from their mistakes. You’ll learn strategies and skills that will allow you to express your disapproval and at the same time encourage responsible behavior; to make expectations clear and put responsibility back where it belongs… with your teen! The beauty of it is that you CAN do this, and you can do it without the anger.

Session #4 – Bonus It’s too easy to lose your resolve and motivation, so I’ve added this fourth session to help you stay strong, focused and on track. This is a ‘booster shot’ to make sure you’re confident in using your new skills, and to address any other concerns.


What do you get with this program?

1)  3 regular sessions, 1h 30 minutes each.

2)  a bonus 4th session

3)  parent workbook – You’ll have it all in writing, along with exercises to do in class and at home.

4) SPECIAL BONUS  30-minute private coaching session, valued at $97.


When do we meet?   Tuesdays, 7:30 – 9:00 pm Eastern Time  (3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8)

Where do we meet?  On the phone.


The Regular Investment for this training is $267. (Because it is an investment… in you, your kids and your family)

However, if you make a commitment and register by March 10, the investment is $197 (that’s a savings of 30%).

** If you and your spouse/partner would like to attend together, there is a special rate of $297 for couples.


I know how important it is to get your kids on track as early as possible. I also know that it’s never too late for change to happen. Things can be different and the future can look brighter. You don’t have to settle or suffer when you know how to TALK SO YOUR TEEN WILL LISTEN.

Register by 3/10/14: $197

Couples: $297


* Talk So Your Teen Will Listen is based on the book “How to Talk So Teens Will Listen” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.